Chrissy Costanza on Ireland, Warped, Download, Video Games & Roam. (Against the Current) *Interview*

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On August 17th I phoned the vocalist of American pop rock band Against the Current, Chrissy Costanza, ahead of the band’s upcoming Irish shows in Mandela Hall, Belfast on Monday, September 26th and in The Academy, Dublin on Tuesday, September 27th. I previously reviewed their debut headlining Irish show in The Academy 2 in October 2015 and their set when they supported All Time Low earlier this year in the 3Arena, Dublin in February. If you are interested in what they are like live you can check those reviews out by clicking here and here. During the phone call we talked about;

How this crazy year has been for Against the Current so far: ‘‘It’s been pretty busy, especially [because] right before Warped Tour we did a week in London, where we did a bunch of stuff, really last minute too, that got sprung on us. Then we’ve been on Warped Tour all summer, then we had the tour back in February and March, so there has been a lot going on.’’

Their first Warped Tour: ‘‘Honestly it was awesome, I didn’t really know what to expect, I just knew it was going to be a really long hot summer, which it definitely was, it was very, very long and very hot. We haven’t really done a whole lot of touring with other bands before, so it was great having tonnes of people around to meet every day and hang out with and just kind of do different things with. So it was great, the experience was awesome, the fans were really awesome, and [I] definitely had a great time.’’

Playing Download Festival at the last minute while they were in London for a week in June: ‘‘When we were there Download got sprung on us two days before we knew we were gonna have to play it. So it was like well yeah let’s just play a direct support slot on a heavy metal festival real quick without any of our gear or crew or anybody.’’

Playing Download as a softer, more pop band, than what the festival’s audience is used to, and how the crowd responded to that: ‘‘It was really good actually, I was surprised. I literally was asking people in our camp, I was like ‘hey do you think they’ll throw things at us?’ because I’ve heard stories about people getting things thrown at them by different fan bases, ‘are we gonna get booed off the stage?’ and they were like ‘I dunno, maybe’ and I was like ‘okay cool that sounds great’. But they were really, really receptive about it like you could see on their faces, no one knew who we were like you could see that but they were into it, they were bobbing their heads. It started pouring rain, they all just whipped out ponchos and stayed, not a single person left. It was like 10,000 people standing there too, it was awesome.’’

What she got up to during her first trip to Ireland on a high school trip: ‘‘Yeah I don’t totally remember where we went but I know we did a lot in the countryside. We went to a farm, we did a lot of stuff on the farm, we made Irish soda bread, I milked a cow, stuff like that. So it was cool we did a lot of different things, and it was beautiful, the countryside is beautiful. I always wish we had time to go do those things when we were touring as well.’’

Going to Belfast for the first time during this tour: ‘‘Yeah I’ve never been to that part of the world yet even, so I’m excited.’’

What fans can expect from this upcoming tour: ‘‘Yes, definitely [new songs], now that the records out. On Warped Tour we only played a couple of songs off the record because we just had a short set in general. So, this time, they can expect a very different set, a very different show in general, it’s a very different dynamic show, so it’ll be nothing like it was before.’’

Picking As It Is (I reviewed their set at Slam Dunk Festival in Birmingham back in May, check that out here) and Beach Weather (who feature Nick Santino the former frontman of A Rocket to the Moon) as the support for the tour: ‘‘Honestly, we get a little bit selfish with supports, a lot of the time we are not trying to put a package together like ‘okay guys this will get the most fans if we do this’. We really like As It Is, we really like Beach Weather, [and] we think they are both like good people. We toured with As It Is before, they are really nice guys, they are really fun to get along with and tour with. We haven’t really toured with Beach Weather personally but we have like mutual friends and I really love their EP. So I think it will be a good tour.’’


Their favourite band to tour with: ‘‘I’m going to say, Roam. They are our favourite band to tour with for sure, they were on Warped Tour [too], they came out on our tour with us, and we also did a tour last year with them and As It Is. We hung out with them all the time on Warped Tour, we hang out with them a lot, [and] they are definitely our best band friend’s type thing, like the whole band is friends with the whole band type thing. They are awesome. Like at any given time I [could] walk on to the bus, and someone from Roam was on the bus, so it was good.’’

Why you should go to Roams show in Fibber Magees, Dublin on November 27th, as well as their own Dublin show in The Academy on September 27th: ‘‘Hopefully you go to both shows! We have nothing but love and support for Roam. I hope all of our fans go to both shows for sure. Alex Costello (Roams vocalist) turns into a small pony on stage, like bucking at all times, and then also is kind of a rabbit too, he like jumps around everywhere, and it’s great.’’

Her favourite song to sing live currently: ‘‘Right now, it’s Wasteland, it’s kind of dreamy and ethereal at times, and then it builds up, we turned the quote on quote breakdown part, that’s more synth based on the record, we made it very rock when we play it live. So it’s really fun to play live, it’s got kind of a little bit of everything right now.’’

On playing the 3Arena, Dublin when they supported All Time Low in February, the 3Arena being a very large venue compared to the 200 capacity Academy 2 they headlined back in October 2015 when they first played Dublin: ‘‘I think the Academy 2 could have fit in our dressing room at that show. Dublin was the best show of that tour, believe it or not, as well because for some reason it seemed like so many more people at that show knew who we were compared to the other arena shows, the other ones it would be like little pockets of people in the crowd [that] you could see singing along but a lot of people didn’t know who we were, whereas like in Dublin it felt like a headliner at some points, people like knew who we were and they were there and having a good time and singing along and they were loud, like if I put the mic out they were singing, you could hear them and it was like well, cool. Yeah it was shocking, I didn’t expect it at all, we were like in the beginning of the set, and I thought I would like try my luck on ‘Gravity’, I was like okay, maybe I’ll try holding the mic out and see if there is any response, I was like it might be dead silence though because even if 30 people are singing when you’re in an arena you are not going to hear them, and I held the mic out and I heard lots of voices, and I was like ‘wow this is so cool, this is awesome’.’’

Shooting a music video for ‘Young & Relentless’ while touring on Warped Tour: ‘‘We shot it in Chicago while we were on Warped Tour, we did it on an off day. So we literally just instead of taking a day off we went and shot a music video.’’

The video games she is currently playing and looking forward to playing: ‘‘Right now I haven’t been playing many just because we were on tour all summer and it’s hard having an internet connection or anything like that. WoW [World of Warcraft] is probably what I’ve played the most recently and then I download Overwatch but I haven’t really played it too much yet. The best game ever though is actually an iPhone app called The Room 3 that I played for 12 hours straight until I beat it. Also The Stick of Truth 2 (South Park: The Fractured But Whole) coming out in December, that is definitely gonna be my life until I beat it.’’


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