Black Veil Brides/Jake Pitts Interview 7/10/2014

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On Tuesday(7/10/14) evening I got to phone Jake Pitts, the lead guitarist of American hard rock/metal band Black Veil Brides(, to have a chat ahead of their show next Wednesday(15/10/14) in The Olympia Theatre in Dublin. A limited number of remaining tickets(€31.40 including booking fee) can be purchased here;
NOTE: Doors have been changed from 19.00 to 18.00. The band is currently on the UK and Ireland leg of their BLACKMASS Tour with support coming from Attila, Fearless Vampire Killers and Drama Club. My interview with Jake can be read below after the video.

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Christopher; Are you enjoying the tour so far?
Jake; Oh yeah man absolutely it’s been a blast.

C; Are you enjoying being back in Europe?
J; I mean yeah, everytime we come over to the UK you know, for me personally I think we have the best shows over here because the crowds are big, you know, this is probably where we have our largest fan base. So we always look forward to coming here.

C; Continuing on from that you said(on twitter @JakePittsBVB) that London on this tour was possibly your favorite show ever, how did that go?
J; Ah well, I mean it went exactly like I said, you know if it wasn’t the best show, in my book it was definitely one of the top if not the best. It just everything went really well you know. I think we were all kind of stressing out a bit as it was the second show of the tour, we haven’t toured in 7 months. So were all a little nervous going into that the big production show, you know, we get to do the full blown pyro and all that kind of stuff and brixton, brixton is such a big venue and you know it’s such a cool place. But I don’t know I guess we were all just on our game, we played well I think. The pyro worked well, you know we’ve had issues with pyro before where ques were missed and it wasn’t going along with the song right and they’d mess it up and so that would really bum us out in past shows but this time everything was on so I think it just got us all jacked up a little more and we were all just really into the show and just had a blast.

C; What can fans expect to see on the upcoming tour?
J; Hopefully our best show that we’ve put on to date. I think were getting tigher as a band so were playing better. Were playing you know a little bit of everything, everything from the first record, some stuff from ‘Set the World on Fire’, some from ‘Wretched and Divine’ and then were playing some new songs aswell. So I think it’s definitely the best show that we’ve put on so far in our career, so it’s something that you know you don’t want to miss.

C; It’s a very balanced setlist do you think that was something important to have to show the history of the band?
J; Yeah man I mean I think when you go to see any band, you know there’s going to be favorites from each record and I think it’s important to give, you know we don’t want to go out and just play new stuff that nobody has heard cause then everybody will be sitting there going I’ve never heard this song and they can’t sing along.
Our fans and our crowds definitely like to sing along and I think we’ve some of the loudest fans out of any band. So even though we are playing a couple of new songs nobody has heard yet and you can tell there is sort of disconnect for those couple of songs we do. But with all the other ones everybody knows the songs. So I think it’s really important to give fans something from each record because there’s always the kids who are going to say I like ‘We Stitch These Wounds’ the first record that mys favorite. Everybody is going to have their favorite record, favorite song so hopefully we can appeal to everybody in the crowd and give them a little bit of everything.

C; Personally I’m pretty happy to see ‘Sweet Blasphemy’ in the setlist.
J; Yeah we brought that back, we haven’t played that in like four years. Its a fun song to play, we missed playing that one so we decided to bring it back and it’s going over well.

C; Correct me if I’m wrong but you only just started playing ‘Coffin’ live on this tour?
J; Yes, we had never played it live before, we always talked about it and wanted to, we’ve done it at soundcheck before tours and tours ago we would just kind of bust it out just for fun to see if we could play and we could play it. So we were like why don’t we play that one. I love that one I think it’s great. So we finally worked it into the set and decided to not only play new songs but to play songs we’ve never played before out of the old stuff. I think that ones going over well it seems like that’s one people really get into when we play that.

C; The only thing with Coffin is that it seems a bit odd to not have played it live before since it had a music video and it was one of your more story driven videos.
J; Yeah exactly that was the thing we shot a video for it and everything. I don’t know why it took so long for us to start playing it but I guess it’s better late than never.

C; What decissions went into choosing the supports for this tour?
J; Well basically in the states we have Falling in Reverse supporting us and we wanted to have them over here but due to issues with their singer, I’m not really sure what all the legalities are but I’m sure your aware of his past and everything but I guess they can’t come here yet. So we did Warped Tour in the states and Attila was on it a couple year ago and we became friends with those guys and we always talked about bringing them out on a tour. It sort of I dont really if their a band that, a lot of people were I guess kind of shocked ‘thats a weird lineup’ or whatever but were friends with them and we asked them if they wanted to do it and they were all about it.

C; That’s how it should be in the end tour with your friends bands if you can.
J; If we can bring some of our friends out we’ll try to do that as much as we can.

C; Favorite band to tour with as a continuation of that? (Queston from Cian Cowley @ciancarnage on twitter.)
J; I still think to this day, I mean obviously I love our tours that we headline and everything just because we are headlining and its our show our crowd and there’s nothing that beats that but as for being an opening band on tour with somebody I’d have to say Avenged Sevenfold was definitely my favorite that we’ve done so far.

C; Continuing on from that a band you’d like to open for that you haven’t yet?
J; Boy I dont know. I mean honestly I don’t really have an answer for that I would say Avenged Sevenfold but we’ve done that already, I would like to do direct support for Avenged Sevenfold. They’re fun guys they’re really cool and they have huge arenas shows so I’d love to do that again. As far as somebody else that we haven’t yet anybody that is playing big arenas, it’d be awesome to go on tour with Metallica.

C; And you never know.
J; You never know, maybe we could do that someday.

C; Favorite guitarist?
J; Paul Gilbert.

C; Favorite song to play live?
J; Right now I’d have to say ‘Faithless’. I think that’s just my all around favorite song right now.

C; Who are you currently endorsed by? Guitars?
J; I play my own signature Schecter c-1 guitar and were using Marshall amps.

C; What’s the song writing process like for you nowadays?
J; Well I mean you know its different, every song is different it just depends on how it starts, sometimes we start with somebody will have a melody in their head or I’ll have a guitar riff, I mean every song is different. Typically the way I write a song since I’m a guitar player and have my own studio and do all the production side of things, it could be anything from you know having a simple piano melody . Something I’ve been doing lately that I haven’t ever really done before was just taking my iPhone out when I have an idea pop in my head and just humming out could be a guitar solo idea or a guitar riff and I’ll just hum it out into the voice note recorder and I’ll just import those into pro tools and try and translate that to guitar and figure out whatever the idea was that was in my head. Usually it starts out with a riff and you just buld it from there and start adding drums and bass and all the other elements and just expand on it and make every part the best it can be.

C; Black Veil Brides 4 your new album is out on the 27th are you looking forward to the response that will follow it’s release?
J; Yeah, absolutely I can’t wait to see the respone, I think so far everything has been so positive. The anticapation and the buzz behind it. I hope it does as well as I expect it to.

C; How’d it feel to work with Bob Rock?
J; For me the thing that made me pick up a guitar was Metallicas ‘Black Album’ and that’s what got me into really wanting to play guitar. I was 13 year old and it wasn’t just Metallica itself it was the production of that album and just hearing how heavy the guitar tone was it really caught my attention and basically made me want to do that. So fast forward to today and getting to work with Bob Rock, basically when it comes to being a producer Bob Rock is the rockstar of producers when it comes to producers he is one of them that if you don’t know many producers you probably know who Bob Rock is for the most part. It was really really cool, it’s kind of something that is hard to explain but definitely a very cool moment and achievement in my life.

C; And as a final question; You just released a Music Video for ‘Heart of Fire’ yesterday and it’s exactly that ”fire”, lots of fire. How did shooting go for that?
J; Oh man it was hell. We actually shot two videos that day and it was out in Santa Clara, California, it was a massive heat wave going on that week in Los Angeles and out there its inland a little ways. I think that day it got up to 111 and we filmed the first video in doors but we were wearing leather jackets and all that and they didn’t have the AC on and we had pyro inside too, so it got like, they finally turned the AC on and we started to cool down a little but then everytime we would shoot they would have to turn the AC off and we would turn on all the pyro and it’d get really hot really quickly. Then we took like an hour break and then we went and shot the video for ‘Heart of Fire’ outside and even though it was night and it was dark, I think it was still like 97 degrees out so and being surrounded by pyro. It was definitely very wam and a very tiring day I think we were out there for like 14 hours straight but it looks pretty awesome so it’s definitely worth it.

Check out Black Veil Brides newest video for ‘Heart of Fire’ below!


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